Monday, January 28, 2008

Passive-Agressive Much?

There are alot of wonderful things about living back in Minnesota, but every coin has two sides. Today at lunch, I was rammed in the head with possible the MOST annoying thing about Minnesota: that is, Minnesotans.

There are five microwaves in the cafeteria area. Being a Fortune 500 company, there is usually a queue around noon-noon fifteen. I understand you need time to warm up your tator tot hotdish and sloppy joes, but really, there needs to be some etiquette training.

I walk up to microwave today, to heat up my soup, and open it, because it was off (and clearly not running).

A snippy brunette about my age, was waiting in front of another machine, steps in and snips, "Someone's food is in there."

Being hungry, I said, "Well, the microwave is off. This person is not here and there is a line." In my mind, it is ridiculous for one person to hold up an entire line of people waiting to get hot food. Also, it's just a microwave, not the End of the World.

"But what if it's not hot?" says the fat woman wearing a fleece (really, fleece? at work?) embroidered with the words "TAMPA BAY".

"Well, then they should've kept a better eye on it and not wandered away." Again, there are people waiting!

So, without another word, I take out the mystery person's food and set it on the table. I feel all the women around me bristle.

Then, the Snippy Brunette then STEPS IN FRONT OF ME and says, oh well, I'll just pop my sandwich in for only 10 seconds.

Wait, WHAT?

And, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, the fat woman behind me picks up the tupperware and turns to another woman that has just joined the line and says "Oh Barb, is this yours? Is it hot enough?"

So, I'm left standing there, with all the post-menopausal women glaring at me because Barb's macaroni hotdish is only WARM while the Snippy Brunette has clearly taken advantage of my up front assessment of the situation and STOLEN the microwave! I mean really, just because you didn't have the balls to take it out of the microwave yourself doesn't mean you have first dibs when someone else does.

But, I couldn't say anything, because I'd already used up my fill of acceptable "rudeness" for the day.

I'm ready for spring.
M is for Microwave Moron,


~moe~ said...

Okay...I'm saying all sorts of words out loud that I shouldn't put into print so I won't but Holy Crap (fill in your own expletive there). I can't believe those women! The nerve! And you weren't rude in any way shape or form...that was totally them. I'm "grrring" for you here.

MN transplant in WA said...

I think it has less to do with good old MN and more to do with age and perceived status in the lunchroom. You think you've left junior high, and really you haven't.

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing--take a co-worker's food out of the microwave when she's not standing there and it's already done. She always says in a half-joking half-not way "Geez, if I'm not here RIGHT AWAY you guys jump right in!"

That's right, and don't you or your pretentious Byerly's box of squash soup that needs to be heated up for 8 minutes on medium forget it!!