Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Angry Mitten

I fear, dear readers, I have waited too long to introduce you to the wonders of the Angry Mitten. It's not really my fault, I just haven't had use for the phrase (except at cocktail parties) until I moved back here. I can't (and won't) take full credit for its coinage (thanks, Rachel!) but I will prostelytize it's use.

Now that I'm back in Minnesota, the frozen tundra, 'tis time to trot out this useful phrase when someone cuts you off, leaves their left hand blinker on for ten city blocks, or simply, drives like an idiot.

That is to say, while in other - NORMAL- cities during the winter, you'd simply honk your horn and show your rage with a quick and easy flip of the leather finger.

But in Minnesota, one faces peril, if not certain frostbite should you dare to glove your fingers seperately. And lo, that elegant gesture, covered by large (shearling lined) mittens, gets immediately transformed into a flat-palmed italian full-hand "whats-a-matta-you!" arm wave.

So while YOU know you are wiggling the one-finger hello, all the other driver sees is a large mitten, waving like a dead fish.

That, my friends, is the Angry Mitten.


Extra credit! Use it in a sentence at work tomorrow:
"Man, on the way to work today, some jerk cut me off and the SLOWED down on 494!
"Did you give him the Angry Mitten?"


Nate said...

Angry Mitten...I like, I like. It almost makes me wish I lived in an area that necessitated the use of mittens at some point during the year.

Maybe I'll start wearing mittens, anyway. Weather be damned!!!

andria said...

I agree. I could wear mittens here, but I always feel like not having my fingers free hampers my driving ability in a way that would probably get me angry-mittened, and defeat the purpose of me wearing mittens in the first place. I'm doomed.

Sarah said...

Nice design!