Thursday, November 02, 2006


Ok, so I happend to watch Meredith Viera's interview with Madonna last night on Dateline and I have some additional things to say:
  1. The baby's name is DAVID not Daniel.
  2. Apparently, she said she offered to help the father and his family, financially and he turned her down. This could have something to do with the poppy syndrome, I'm not sure. I can imagine that he'll just be happy to have those cameras out of his face. Poor, poor man.
  3. She also stated that she offered to bring the baby back more often, but he said no, which I understand. First of all, this baby is a liability for him, in terms of his family asking him for money (of which you can bet there are alot now!) Secondly, there really isn't anything for him in Malawi - it's not like the baby will remember his father or like coming back to a mud hut after living in a British mansion. However, I still maintain that this baby will have some serious identity issues.
  4. As for bad press, Madonna actually had the audacity to say that she felt it was because she adopted a black baby. Wha? No, it's because it appeared that you swooped in, Land Rover blazing, snatched up the first cute baby you saw (that didn't have AIDs), paid off the weak judicial system and whisked him out of the country. THAT'S why you got the bad press, lady. This ain't no racial thang. But nice try.
  5. To her credit - and she did say alot of things that make sense, I just like picking on the retarded things - she said she'd like baby David to know where he came from and to have a connection of some sort. That's nice, that made me feel good. But then she went on to say that perhaps she could find information about his mom - a picture or something - that would help him when he grew up. Which made me laugh, because, really? A picture? You think there's a polariod floating around Mchinji somewhere of this nameless, faceless woman? More than likely, this woman probably just worked herself to the bone, had to many babies and never saw a camera - much less a color crayon - in her life. Good luck with that one, lady.
  6. Lastly, I thought Madonna looked scary, almost pointed. Although my roommate pointed out that for being almost fifty, she looks fab, I thought her eyes looked red and everything about her was angular and sharp. She didn't look....comforting. She looked angry, defensive, devilish and I'm sure, more than a little tired. I'd say poor Madonna, but hey, that's life.



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nate-nate-bo-bate said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting sick of rakish, scary celebrities adopting these kids? Madonna and Angelina Jolie? Really? Would you want them adopting your child?

Why can't warm, caring-type celebrities adopt these kids? What about Frances McDormand or Cate Blanchet? I'd even settle for Jennifer Aniston. I mean, that would be good right? People Magazine would have another reason to talk about Brad and Angelina and Jennifer and the child would get to meet Vince Vaughan, it'd be great for all parties involved!

But, it seems that's not going to happen. Some of these celebrities are apparently intent on making their own babies. Just goes to show you that celebrities are still very selfish people. Selfish selfish people.

We're probably only a few months away from Courtney Love heading over to Africa to adopt. It's going to happen, trust me. I mean, her PR people have to be working overtime to think of ways that she can redeem herself in the eyes of the populace. What else could she do at this point, short of saving a drowning litter of really cute puppies and giving each and every one of them CPR?