Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ben Folds...and other Randomly Random Stuff

Here's my latest list- in no particular order - of stuff:

  • Ben Folds is to me what Dave Matthews is to Abercrombie and Fitch loving UVA students. (Minus the obvious fact that I a) don't follow the tour cross country or b) refer to attending his concerts as "spending time with Dave" (puke puke puke)). I just realized again last night - for the umpteenth time - how much I totally heart his piano rockin' suburban white-boy mockery and clever cuss-filled lyrics. He is totally entertaining in concert [made all the better by the $5 tix for AU students - thanks Maricar!]

  • So tomorrow is my birthday. I'm usually a big proponent of birthday celebrating - much to the chagrin of others around me (as in, yes yes we know, now can you stop talking about it??). I mean, it's your one day a year to be special. Aside from wedding and baby, I really think this is the only time a woman is allowed to demand some modicum of proper attention (appropriate to MN standards, of course). Let's just say I'm really happy that I don't need a man to do this one. This year, well, I kind of already feel a year older after all I've been through in recent months. So yeah. Birthday.

  • On Monday, I got my free gift of Oil of Olay Destiny (a month after I ordered it for Megan's wedding - um, thanks, I guess). After one application, it claims that you will 'immediately see luminous effects!'. I must be an outlier, because after I applied it, I felt a little greasy - but smelled nice. And no, those annoying freckles on my cheek (who gets freckles in the middle of their face???) have no disappeared yet. Judging by the size of the tiny bottle, I have about three more days to find out...

  • The word synergy is total jargon to me. Can someone PLEASE tell me in REAL ENGLISH what the hell it means?
  • I sang the national anthem this summer with a bluegrass band in Malawi. I have no idea why this popped into my head the other day, but it's appropriately random, yes?
  • And finally, because if I don't say this my sister will bop me in the head: admittedly, the pro-pie agenda was my brother-in-law's idea. When she called me up to remind me of this, my response to her was, "Well, welcome to DC!" Politics is rough baby, pass the pie. :)

Sham on!


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nate-nate-bo-bate said...

May I be the first (on your blog, at least) to welcome you to the 27 Club. Feels weird, don't it? I literally feel like the past five years just came crashing down on me and all of a sudden I'm older. Does this mean I have to start buying Dockers?
Congrats on your job and your happiness with your environs, as well. Hope you have a fun birthday...or not, whichever you prefer, I guess.

Happpy Birthday!