Monday, November 13, 2006


It's official - I got a job! As of December 4th, I'll be gainfully employed as a project associate with an international development contractor. Woo hoo!

I don't have all the specifics on my work portfolio, but what I do know is that I'll be working in crisis areas (read: conflict, natural disaster, famine) probably in Asia. The job is located in DC, but there will be a significant amount of travel (re: frequent flier miles!)

More significantly, it's paid - a living wage! With benefits! And they they'll take out taxes (if you think this is a silly thing to be happy about, let me have a little chat with you..)

I. am. so. relieved.

...And satisfied. Out of all the millions of jobs out there, I actually went to school and got one in my field. At risk of sounding trite, I've reached my Personal Myth (atleast, for this portion of my life). I set a goal (or goals) two years ago, and now I've reached it.


M is for Employment,


Rose Connors said...

How exciting for you! This sounds like something I would like to do in another life. Congratulations and everything.

Megan said...

You have a job, you have a job, you have a job!

You're so awesome. Way to go, rockstar!

Sinister Minister said...

To paraphrase my mother-in-law, "Oh for wonderful." Very cool news.
Also baby Sappington says, "Thanks for the toy. I love it!"