Saturday, March 04, 2006

There Are No Pros to Procrastination

Oh man, I've got so much work to do and all I want to do it troll in the internet. It's gotten so bad, that I've even checked my WORK email (no one writes to my hotmail accnt on the weekend :( So I ended up in an email exchange with a fellow coworker who was being equally lame and working on a Saturday. New lows, people. I've reached new lows.

Crap, I am in so much trouble.

Not only do I have four fifty page economic articles to summarize and 100 pages to read for school, but I'm also leaving for Africa on Friday for twelve days.

To be fair, this involves work, so it makes sense that I might be checking my work email on a Saturday, but I didn't DO anything about the thousands of missives sitting there. I just read them and said "Eh. I'll deal with this on Monday."

Crap crap crap crap crap.

I can't help to think that I should be doing more. Like, where on earth did I put my elephant gun???

And, oh yeah, I'm coming down with a cold. Blar-choo!

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Megan said...

As the reigning Queen of Procrastination, I give you this wisdom: let the anxiety lead you, not drown you. Once you own your panic, it will be the greatest motivating factor you will ever harness.