Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day one of Workshop

Well, I did get a chance to poke around – bought some overpriced trinkets for friends and family, toured Karen Blixen’s home (of Out of Africa fame), ate yummy Mediterranean food and found out that the National Museum was closed (after spending considerable time haggling for the taxi price to get there!)

I wish now I’d spent more time yesterday just sitting on my butt by the pool. I’ve worked my ass off today and I could use some time to relocate it. Actually, my lower back hurts so much, whether I’m sitting or standing – it doesn’t matter – I’m still in pain. L boo.

At any rate, my worries about finding a copy machine were all for naught – the hotel comes complete with a business center and cheap copies (even a copy lady!) The conference expenses are cheaper than I anticipated – which means my worries about credit card meltdown will probably not happen either. We got everything hooked up – and really, the only drawback to the day has been a) the greasy food and b) and long-winded participants when it’s a gorgeous seventy degrees and sunny. J

The facilitator even asked me if I’d run a session tomorrow, so I see that as a sign I’m doing something good.

But the BIG news, which I just found out, is that I’ve been offered a summer internship with USAID in Malawi – with housing and a small stipend for the summer! Hooray!!

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Megan said...

You, my dear, are a total rockstar. :) Between the conference, the travel, and the internship, I'm pretty much convinced that there's nothing you can't do. Come back home safely with lots of stories, okay?