Wednesday, March 01, 2006

E is for Ego

After much trepidation and nailbiting and general malaise, I have decided to create my own blog. Welcome!

This has taken me awhile, mostly because I am generally against publishing my personal life on the oh-so-public internet. But lately, I've become a blog-hound - I totally suck up information about other people's lives and have really grown to love it. I find myself running into things on a daily basis and mentally composing my reactions, cracking jokes, telling funnies, whatever. So, here I am.

However, I've had some serious hang ups about starting one. Here are my reasons: 1) I generally think that if you're interested enough in hearing my random ruminations that you're

  • a) a friend or family member of mine (that I'll probably talk to sooner or later. Hi!)
  • b) some lunatic who is bored at work and trolling for entertainment (sorry - none here)
  • c) some lunatic looking for their next victim (for the record I am 6' tall, 850 pounds and I live with a huge doberman. Nyeah.)
  • d) someone from High School that, had I wanted to keep in touch with you so you could hear my effusive comments, I would've.

So if you're anyone but a) please stop reading.

If you're still reading - Hi Megan!

No really, if you're still reading, you're probably wondering "Why on earth is this person even creating a blog if they hate it so gosh-darn much?"

I'll tell you why: because I can. Also, because I find myself confronted with some pretty weird stuff on a daily basis, which makes me laugh, vomit, tear-up (more on the urine bushes later) or generally want to share with someone. Anyone. And I can't always hop on email and write down my thoughts and send them off to my friends. Also, my boyfriend doesn't want to hear about the urine bushes anymore.

Relax. It's mostly random stuff. It won't be too painful - and you might find it amusing.

Also, while I do keep a journal - I understand the fundamental reasons why people create blogs in the first place: for attention. And keeping a personal journal isn't really accomplishing much in the "public accolades" column on my life's scorecard (although, it's doing wonders for the "philsophical musings that make absolutely no sense" portion).

So here's to you, whoever you are. Welcome to my random acts of life.


Sinister Minister said...

Well, I'm married to the sister of your friend. Does that count as part of a)? Thank you for one more stop on the "I really don't want to work so I'll read Megan's blog and related stuff" train.
Keep up the funny stuff.
Will "bro-in-law to Megan" Sappington

Mtanga said...

Hey Will! Welcome to a fellow procrastinator - I read your comments on Megs blog all the time. Hope to see more of you here, too!

andria said...

What if, for example, I'm a friend from pre-school with whom you fell out of touch, not out of mutual dislike or apathy (I don't think), but rather the circumstances of moving and dependence upon parents vehicles to see each other. And what if, also, I found your blog through another person from waaaaaaaaay back, who I forgot how much I like, and due to life getting in the way, which led me to write this convoluted comment that perhaps makes no sense and will most likely make YOU say "well, I might have liked to get back in touch with her, but she's clearly crazy, so f- that noise." Anyway, if you want to be friends again, I'm friends with megan on facebook, otherwise, I'll understand, but probably still read your blog cause it is funny.