Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sayur Asem

Ayu, our office receptionist, brought in food for everyone today at lunch. This type of soup, Sayur Asem, is a popular dish in her home town (which now, I can't remember). Since she bought it from the supermarket, the "dish" came in all sorts of little baggies that you had to combine yourself.

Basically, it's a spicey sweet and sour soup (served cold) with vegetables and fruit. Mine had papaya, apples, pears, carrots, jicima (I'm not sure but that's what it tasted like) and pineapple. Peanuts were added and a crispy ramen-type noodles. All togther, it was a not bad combination of sweet/sour/nutty and crispy.


~moe~ said...

That looks really good. In fact, your picture looks more appetizing than the one from wiki... Will you bring some home for me?

Rose Connors said...

I love reading about your travels; as far as that goes I love reading your observations from home as well. Thanks for writing.