Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Transit

I am currently wasting time in Singapore Changi airport. It's 1:10 am and I have eight more hours to go until my flight leaves for Jakarta.

I found out about an hour before my flight left that the travel agent screwed up and got me a hotel in the WRONG COUNTRY for my transit stop over. I thought about all the reactions I could've had with the agent once I found this out, but ultimately decided to let it go. I mean really, I should've looked at my intinerary a little closer, say, about a week ago, instead of last night.

But, ahem, that being said: how does one book a hotel IN THE WRONG COUNTRY?? As it turns out, all of the hotels near the airport are booked, too.

So, here I am. The transit hotel in the airport is also full (come back at 2am, they say) and shops are closing down. However, Singapore being, well, Sinagpore, there's still an abundance of awesome things to do here. I remember being stuck here with Emira on our way to Bali, during the SARS epidemic. We were poorer then (ie without business expense accounts...or awesome fellowships...) so we didn't get a chance to check out the shower/spa/gym/mani/pedi places - but we did enjoy the free internet and abundant window shopping (although we missed the free movie. Too bad they are showing "Cruel Intentions: 2" tonight...)

Yes, I need a shower and yes, I am exhausted (all my efforts to get upgraded were rebuffed - apparently there's larger demand for flights to Singapore than there are to Azerbaijan!) but all in all, I'm hanging in there. I'm very zen (or zoned, however you want to think about it). Mostly, I just want to get to Jakarta and get rolling.

This is one of those situations where, yeah it kind of sucks, but its pretty much the essence of travel. I mean, think about it. Travel is all about learning new things, being flexible and keeping your sense of humor. How else would I be able to deal with getting my feet stuck in a foot massager (which they are at this moment)?

I'll get there. Frankly, it's nice to have a few spare hours to myself, after the week I've had.
Chin up, coffee out -

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