Monday, October 22, 2007


Have arrived in Jakarta, safe and sound, after going back to the transit hotel and mercifully finding a room.

Awoke with roaring cold. Cabin pressure + sinus pressure = blinding pain.

Am now posting, and discovered that my entire blog interface (for those of you in the know, the "dashboard") is in Bahasa. Now I'm trying to remember what the orange and he blue buttons do. Should I "mempublikasikan posting" or "simpan sekarang"?

Goodness, I need a nap.

M is for Mempublikasikan posting-

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AnthroGirl said...

oh boy that's funny. eat lots of really spicy food and it will make your sinuses go into overdrive and then it gets better, trust me. i can't believe all your ordeal. seriously, how does a "travel agent" book a hotel in a wrong country. I mean how do you get that job without at least knowing basic geography. oh well, people are freaks dude. Glad you arrived safe and sound.