Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Pirates

Last weekend, after much anticipation, the HMF and I finally went to the Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring. Unfortunately, I don't have much good news to report. The four coconut shrimp I got as an appetizer were burnt (and I mean BURNT), the curry was middling and the french fries were COLD. About the only good thing I could say about it was the grog - aka three different types of cheap rum sloshed together in a large glass. At least by the time I'd gotten through half of that the rest of the meal it didn't seem so bad.

In an effort to salvage our maritime merriment, a few days later the HMF, some friends and I went to the Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton. Why? Because it was sea chantey night, that's why!

The first tuesday of every month brings out all the sea capn's (and landlubbers) and some group called the Pirate's Den to this local pub which has been a favorite of ours since we first discovered it two years ago (and that was due to their monthly scotch tastings...yum!). At first, I wondered how people would know the words to the songs - I soon learned that it didn't matter. The person standing in the middle of the room and everyone joined in for the chorus. The choruses- more often than not - were so simple (and normally contained the word "wanker" or "jiggly" or "whale") that after a few rounds of song (and rounds of beer) anyone could sing. Ann, Angela, HMF and I stayed for over an hour, singing and laughing and watching some guy who was the spittin' image of George Lucas harmonize his lungs out.

It more than made up for the disappointing "Pye-rats Tavern" experience on Saturday night. Let's hear it for random curiousities that lead to even more random evenings!

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AnthroGirl said...

weirdoooo....i think it would have been really cool to see this bar during the International Pirate Day cause I am sure all kids of crazy come out on that day.