Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Wish List

As usual, upon arrival to "X" country, I normally go through a phase of "Damn! I wish I had brought..."
This time is no different - after walking around for two days now, observing local culture and trying to get away from my computer (and generally not succeeding...), here's what would be on my list:

1) sudafed/dayquil/claratin/anything with an antihistamine. Sure, I could go to the local Apotek and try my hand at something, but my travel companion tried that for a sleeping aid and we discovered this morning that they'd given her an antidepressant! Hilarious - but hey, at least she felt better!

2) Lipstick. and more black clothing. But mostly, bright red lipstick. I feel like a freak over here.

3) Hairspray - this one I did manage to find. And for the first time in over 10 years, I purchased an AEROSOLE can. Yes yes I can hear mother nature weeping, but hey, atleast I'll be able to keep the hair off my face while watching the world melt away...

4) DVDs - the next three weeks are looking awfully filled with CNN and the BBC, as those are the only English channels available. Oh, and some old US movies on pay-per-view for $20 a shot (would YOU pay that much to watch The Grinch??)

5) Office supplies - I actually toyed with this one, but decided against it. I may find them yet, it's just that they are not readily at hand right now as I need them :(

6) My network files - I was told I'd have access to them here - liars! What a pain.... especially seeing as I keep getting these nasty messages in my inbox, reminding me I'm over my limit. Boooooo.

7) Aloe kleenexes - these free hotel ones are starting to feel like sandpaper.

8) Mace, or atleast the facility to say "piss off!" in Azeri.

9) While we're at it, let's wish for a million bucks, too.

Ok, back to work. No more lists tomorrow, I promise!

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Nate said...

M, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection, I have a site for you to check out.

It's a listing of documentaries that people have uploaded to Google video. Sure, some of them have been taken down since it was posted, and there's a good amount of nutty crackpot stuff, but there's some interesting stuff on there, or at least things that will waste an hour or so of your time.

Hope that helps one of your wishes.