Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random Things Learned

Tualet (too-ahh-let) = toilet and Buket = bouquet!

Be careful walking down the street on a hot day in a country where central a/c has yet to hit the mainstream. Lots of leaky window units make a veritable lake of the street below! (and a mess of your hairstyle!)

While it's important to eat what the locals eat, beware of descriptions like "Oh, it's just liver and such." If you think it will give you the runs, it probably will.

That being said, don't be afraid of salad or other green things. Your colon will thank you, I promise.

Also, the US Embassy is mostly full of crap when it comes to 'security advisory's'. If had followed the briefing that I received before leaving about "not traveling outside of Baku on any roads, anywhere" I would've missed a great opportunity to see Xinaliq and getting to know some awesome Azeri's.

There are Have's amd Have not's, sure. But there are also Have Nothing's and I Have Better Than You!

I need to drop 20lbs right. Now.

Oh, Miss USA, despite having tripped on stage and being BOOED by an unruly, ungrateful, Mexican crowd, has taught us all what grace and poise are under pressure. Miss Smith, you are my new hero.

And on the way home, I'm totally asking the guy next to me what the results of his TB test was!

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