Thursday, May 10, 2007


So yesterday, among the thousands of things I'm supposed to be doing in preparation for my trip, I left work a bit early to pick up my cap and gown, and graduation tickets for this Sunday.

Technically, I graduated in December (I've even got the signed diploma, so I'm in the clear) but as I told the registrar "I paid $45,0000 for this - I want my Glory Day!"

It felt weird to be on campus again, especially now that I've moved (relatively) far away. I felt weird to think of my first semester, and how much I relied on that campus for internet access, gym membership, social atmosphere, cheap eats and free cups of coffee stolen from the Social Studies building.

Since then, I've seen good friends move back to Italy, been through 13 roommates (!), one free (surreptitious) art class, the best year long internship of my life, a trip to Malawi and the longest paper I've ever written (85 pages and counting). Being on campus yesterday reminded me that I've quietly closed that chapter on my life and moved into "Full Time Job-hood."

It's nice, where I am and I'm excited about the future. But it's also nice to look back and see where I've been.

M is for no more matriculation (for now),

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