Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Slogans

It seems that my upcoming trip to Azerbaijan has thrown a few friends and family members for a bit of a loop. I'll admit, I had to find a map, too. Some friends and work and I decided to come up with a few slogans that the Azeri government could try to use to lure more unsuspecting Western tourist dollars (and awareness) to their borders.

10) Azerbaijan: We're Not Random, You Are!

9) Azerbaijan: The Friendly Muslims.

8) Azerbaijan: Like Armenia, Only Better.

7) Azerbaijan: Putting the Ass Back in Caspian.

6) Azerbaijan: Look Us Up! (Please use a post 1991 map).

5) Wait.......where?

4) Azerbaijan: At least We're Not A "-Stan"

3) Azerbaijain: Bordering two of the worlds five hottest conflict zones! (Chechnya and Iran, not to mention their own internal war with Armenia...)

2) Azerbaijain: We've Got More Oil Than You (nyah nyah nya-nyah nyah!) :P

1) Azerbaijain: Now, Soviet Free!

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