Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stupid Megan Stupid Tagged Me and Took All the People I Would've Tagged. She's Greedy.


Six weird things about me:

1) I HATE folding my clothes once they're clean. My underpants often end up in a wad in my drawer. Strangely enough though, I DO like to refold my clothes when I'm done wearing them (if they're still clean within reason, ofcourse) and put them BACK in the drawer. Go fig.

2) I don't like anything in pop culture if I percieve it to be 'too popular.' (ie, it took me a long time to read the Harry Potter books!)

3) I recently found out that 'it is weird' to announce the number of boyfriends a person has after counting the remaining lit candles on a birthday cake that's been blown out. Apparently, this meaning is regionalized to the upper midwest and El Salvador. (These are the only people I can find to verify this!)

4) Raw chicken frightens me. I am compuslive sanitizer when I cook it. Just short of pouring a bucket of bleach over the counter tops/chopping block/knives/etc.

5) I don't like pie. Or anything with slimey fruit. Bleah. Conversely however, I luuuuuv pie crust.

6) I'd pick a ham sandwich over chocolate any day.

While I think this might be an interesting exercise for some, I've had a tough time coming up with 'weird things'. Per #3, since living in a large house, with many different people, from many different nations, I've learned that weird is a very relative term.

For example, I had a roommate in college that would, before eating, put down a place mat, set the table, pour exactly a 3/4 cup milk, make a plate of food and fold her napkin in a neat setting. I used to think this was weird. (No, not everyone eats out of a trough like I do!)

Of course, I used to think that paying your rent on time was normal - but I guess I've been proven wrong there, too.

So yeah, weird. Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not.

Depends on who you ask.



nate-nate-bo-bate said...

Question: Underpants? You use the word"underpants?" Do you call your jeans "slacks" as well?

Maybe it's just me, but "underpants" "is one of the words that makes me feel weird to say. The other, oddly enough, is "panties." So, I guess, I have very few words for underwear that I use on a daily basis. That probably makes me a little weird, I know.

I do feel you on the pie thing. I can't eat any fruit pie (except for apple, if I didn't like apple, I'd be a commie) because of the soupy, syrupy fruit. Ick.

Mtanga said...

I love the word underpants. It makes me giggle.

emira said...

I love the word "panties", also "moist" just because it makes people cringe. Ah, you crack me up. I would also pick a ham sandwich over chocolate. Folding underpants, not a big fan, but I do like them in the same place. Just a few questions: Hey, do you also fold your underpants when you are done using them? Does it make them seem cleaner that way?

Megan said...

Hooray! Thanks for playing! And I hear you... there are things that really don't seem that 'weird' in comparison to the wide world. I think my cats are weirder than me.

Sarah said...

I also don't fold my underpants. It just seems like such a waste - it's not like they need to be non-wrinkled when worn.

emira said...

oh, I forgot one more strange bosnian thing about me. my mom used to iron our underpants. thank god i don't live at home anymore.