Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Go for the Coffee.

I've come across an appropriately liberal Methodist church in DuPont circle that I just love. The church is what is known as a Reconciling Congregation - and being Dupont circle - it's full of same sex couples and others from the GLBT community. Also, there is a sign language interpreter and many handicapped individuals in wheelchairs assisted by wide aisles and even a few shortened pews so they can sit 'with' the congregation and not in the aisle. (If I were handicapped I would hate that!).

Also, lots of mixed race couples, which is reassuring.

And very friendly people, without being pushy (ok, maybe they're a little pushy, but it's nice).

The only down side is the parking, which can be brutal as there's no lot and it IS DuPont. However, even that has a plus side because you know how many people are out at 10am on a Sunday morning in downtown DC? Comparatively, not many.

PLUS, once you have parked for church you have a rockin' spot to check out the farmer's market, grab a cup of coffee and a newspaper or go to brunch in this terrific neighborhood.

But the real kicker? They have fair trade coffee.

Yes, I go to church for the coffee.

Jesus should've forgone the grape juice and went straight to espresso shots. He would've REALLY had the pews filled then!



~moe~ said...

There are worse reasons. :)

Megan said...

Dude, there ain't no shame. You find a place you feel good - for many reasons - and that sounds good to me. I say do it up! Your church sounds a lot like my 'gay church' here in the Cities... minus the coffee.

Oh, and my apologies, but TAG!