Monday, March 05, 2007

Windy Weekend

As my friend Kate says, I'm the ONLY person who takes a vacation to a placer colder than the one in which I currently live. So while it was a balmy 50 degrees in DC this weekend, I headed to Chicago where it was 25 degrees with windchill that would make your grandmother weep.

But, I just had to go. My college roomie is getting married in July and as I've rapidly learned, weddings are no place for catching up with the bride. Plus, the tickets were waaay cheap.

Just like in college, Mel and I stayed up late giving each other advice, gossiping and eating brownie ice cream with whip cream and chocolate sauce. Yes, just like old times - minus all the pillow fights in our vickie's underwear, of course. We hit Michigan Ave like fallen rock stars on a budget and ate sushi until midnight. We polished off the weekend by sleeping late, drinking expensive tea and getting our nails done.

Turns out, life outside of college isn't so bad afterall :)

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