Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Are you FIERCE?

I love America's Next Top Model. But let me just say, I would never EVER want to live in a house full of skinny, competitive, hormonal chicks. Even if I did manage to make on the show (as the stereotypical "plus-sized" model, of course), I'd be the one stompling around throwing steaks at everyone and telling them to grow up.

Not such good television.

But Tyra is always yammering on about being FIERCE. From what I can tell, it's either a look, an attitude or just an adjective. ("Girl, that bag is FIERCE!") It's kind of become a running joke on the show. It does get a little old, but I think the underlying meaning is kind of cool.

Instead of being strong, confident and independent, a woman can just be FIERCE. That is, a force to be reckoned with.

I was thinking about this last night surrounded by old friends and work colleagues at Jaleo. Lately, I've been totally humbled by the strength of my friends. I've witnessed the dissolution of marriages, lost pregnancies, transitions to new jobs, growth and maturation a well deserved relationship, and the discovery of new paths.

I have been so blessed to be surrounded by FIERCE women from all backgrounds and ages my entire life. I never thought when I moved here that I would be able to re-create that circle, but as it turns out, fierce women are everywhere.

I just wish I'd come up with the term before Tyra co-opted it for her evil ways.


nate-nate-bo-bate said...

I don't watch "Top Model" as my wife calls it, so I have nothing to say about your FIERCE other than, "You're a monkey, Derek! Dance, monkey, dance!!"

Even though I don't watch the show, I for one can say that I would make it appointment television if you were on there throwing steaks at wannabes and screaming at them. Not only that, if it was on HBO or Showtime, I'd pay to watch it. That sounds hilarious. You should pitch that to a network.

Mesa said...

FIERCE has gotta a little bit of "GIRL POWER" to it, as so famosly coined by the former Spice Girls. Tyra rocks, and if she wants to take a word to the next level, I say go for it. Paris Hilton has "That's HOT", Spice Girls had "Girl Power", and now Tyra has "Fierce". I say we come up with our own, like "20 something fabulous single still in school POWA'H" or "vehement fabulous savage diva strength". I could go on and on.

Mtanga said...

OMG I totally love "vehement fabulous savage diva strength"...I'm going to try to work it into a conversation this weekend. Thanks for the idea!!