Friday, October 13, 2006

Two Random Thoughts From the Drive Into Work

1) Sometimes, when I'm driving in the morning and the sun catches on the National Cathedral and the water is smooth over the tidal basin, I realize, all things (traffic, expensive housing, crowds, republicans) aside : I love living in DC. I love DC!

There's something intensely satisfying about living out a dream. Even a sometimes scary and inconvenient one.

2) My skin, apart from the random huge pores, has some funny discolorations on it. Like, it's not all evenly one color, even with makeup. Is this normal? From discussions with girlfriends, I think so. Even if the dark patch of skin above my that lip looks like a mustache? You bet.

For awhile - and in the effort of getting gorgeous for Meg's wedding - I've been thinking that I should buy this. I would finally have luminous skin! I could turn back the clock before it needed to be turned back! You could bounce quarters off my double-dimples!

But then I realized that hey, I'm 26 - too old to be falling for these stupid ad campaigns. Every other product out there has yet failed to turn me into a supermodel, why should this one be any different (esp if I have to save to be able to afford a small bottle!)?

So, in honor of my new vow to love myself no matter what, I decided to pull out another ad campaign:

Love the Skin You're In.

Done AND done.

M is for multi-layered anti-aging luminous skin transformation (starting from the inside),


emira said...

Incorrect, you are never too young to start taking care of yours kin. I've been using that stuff for a while, and I must say it's not bad. I also use all kinds of other stuff cause it makes me feel better than I'm doing something good for my skin. And M, M is for mature skin that needs help once in a while.

Mtanga said...

What?!? Are you saying my blotchy mustache is NOT sexy?!?

nate-nate-bo-bate said...

Falling for supid ad campaigns? You mean that I don't need to keep driving out to that waterfall to wash myself with Irish Spring?

~moe~ said...

"There's something intensely satisfying about living out a dream. Even a sometimes scary and inconvenient one."

Thanks for this...I'm working toward a dream right now but scared out of my wits. :)