Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pathos, the Lesser Known Muskateer

I know I'm just going to get blasted for posting this, but here goes.

Pathos, (n) greek word for "to suffer" or "emotion", both of which I've been doing alot of lately. And it's not like laughing and then crying. It's more like crying, then laughing, then angry, then crying, then chocolate, then laughing, then sleep. Oh wait, hysterical might be the word I'm looking for here...

Pathetic (adj), derived from Pathos. Not surprisingly meaning pretty much the same thing, only used to describe:
  1. a person who keeps wearing the same brown shoes out in the rain, even though they have holes in the bottom of them, because she a) doesn't have enough money to buy new ones and/or b) forgets about the holes.
  2. a person who's idea of a good time is getting into her gnome-y flannel pajama's by 8pm on a friday night and yelling at sappy love movies. (FYI: 'The Prince and Me' is REALLY STUPID).
  3. a person who cares - REALLY CARES - if the pumpkin on the porch matches the wreath on the door.
  4. A person who has tried to melt pumpkin candy corns and regenerate them into a larger pumpkin candy edible sculpture.
  5. a person who buys a dress for a wedding because a) it's burqua-esque coverage and b) $20 price tag. Oh, and haggles at the checkout for an extra 10% because there are some 'loose strings'.
  6. A person who perpetually interns in odd places, like boats, and subsequently comes home smelling like fish and untreated sewage - every day.
  7. a person who suspects that, if she tried, she could eat everything in the refridgerator in one sitting. (ok except maybe not that nasty mustard that's been in the back since 1994.)
  8. Oh and for those of you behind the scenes and know about this one: a person who goes and gets a wart removed and ends up bed-ridden for six weeks until her mother buys her a townhouse and she is carted away. She was definitely pathetic.
And finally, I bring you:
Pathoepeia, a type of speech that moves hearers emotionally.

I think I've done my job here.

Good day.



emira said...

gosh you are odd. but no more odd than me who got up at 3AM to grade my students papers. and did a damn good job at it. problem was i couldn't go back to sleep and have since then watched almost every damn stupid video on youtube and video.google. What I am trying to say here is that we are all a bit pathetic. Loves ya much.
peace out.

Mtanga said...

I love you so much, you big weirdo.