Friday, June 23, 2006

So Random It Doesn't Get Numbered

  • The walls are so thin in my office that I can hear everyone (and their annoying cell phone rings) including the Education officer next to me who has a penchant for blaring classical music on his computer speakers. That's actually nice. But the "running off for a meeting and leaving your cell phone to ring incessantly at your desk" thing is getting really old.
  • Being annoyed with general annoyances. Lightswitches that are hidden four doorways down, garbage cans that don't exist, cleaning ladies that clean around you while you work (really, must you dust my keypad whilst I'm typing???) people who don't call you back, having to sit in an office all week, general guilt and malaise over development and being mazunga, relying on others for transport everywhere, etc, etc, ad nauseum :(
  • Reading about fertilizer. Alot. Meeting with some cool people, trying to make in roads to other cool people. Failing miserably.
  • The US losing to Ghana and getting sent home. My American self feels bad. But, on the other hand, my African self is happy that Ghana continues! Hooray!
  • Meeting a woman in a refugee camp, running from the DRC, who has been stuck there for three years and is unable to leave because her dentist husband can't find a job.
  • French lessons at the small Alliance Francaise here.
  • Running/walking/drinking in the HASH.
  • Wondering where the heck my Warren posse is on the intranets. Having to miss camping.
  • Getting a (free) phone call from an old co-worker/friend after four days of trying to connect.
  • Reading Emma's War. Man, what a nutjob she was! They're making a movie out of this?
  • If you hadn't have guessed it - they are not kidding when they say that culture shock, if graphed, looks like this.
  • Hoping that next week will be better.

M for Mopey,


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emira said...

I think that you should change the M for mopey to M for marveolously fantastic lady from minnesota. oh, I miss you and if I ever got my sorry ass to buy skype I could be talking to you right now and making the blues go away. I'm not sure how much I'll be checking your blog over the next 3 weeks cause I'll be in Bosnia and you know how that goes. Until I return, happy times in M for magnificent malawi. Love you lots.