Monday, June 12, 2006

Random Acts #245, #90012, #6, #111....

#245: Eyebrow threading. Feels like getting waxed, except instead of one giant rip, you get many tiny tears. Holymotherofpearl. And yet, my eyes have gone from being framed by crooked wildebeasty catepillars to elegantly crafted arches. All this for about $2.50! Let's hear it for third-world beauty!

#90012: Furtive afternoon walks/jogs through your razor-wired community, trying to get exercise (one can't sit at the beach forever) while avoiding packs of feral, rabid dogs. No joke.

#6: Going to the beach. Sitting at a four star resort under an umbrella, staring at a Lake Eerie size puddle, sipping warm coke on a Sunday morning. Now THIS is the day that the Lord has made!

#111: World Cup goodness. Like throwing a flame onto the smoldering tinder of dwindling expat community life - suddenly there are things to do, places to go, parties to attend and lots of beer to drink (ok well those that two are normal). And guess what? I'm finding that I actually LIKE watching soccer (ahem, footie)!


kd said...

I only watch soccer for the hotties. I'm glad to read about your travels! I've been waiting!

Next time you should just get up off your bench and get the dance party started. Bring your own grocery bag with jinglie bells!
Forget native dance, show them how to shake their goove thang!
Just don't get shot.

emira said...

now this is supposedly a developing country. whatever! with a big W. can't believe it, you're actually on vacation, well supposedly you work. Maybe I should drop this whole anthropology thing and go into aid work? what do you think?