Saturday, June 03, 2006

First Photos

Bedroom with newly installed net


Backyard Garden (and the gardener!)

Front door


emira said...

that's pretty awesome. you have a gardener? tought life you're living. anyway, it looks really nice. i'm off to slaving away at my silly 3 day job. but i'll be done after today. thank god, cause i can take only so much of asking people to be interviewed about their shopping habbits. people are lame. can't wait to get out of albuquerque for the summer, wish I was there with you.

sisyphe said...

M! That is fantastic. It sounds like a great experience, slightly different from Geneva... Possibly a little more exciting?;-) keep us up to date and i think you should fly back with a stop over in switzerland! or even better: do you have a spare room for me?
take care, drive slow, dont get stung and save the world! your dutchyptian

Mtanga said...

sysphe! Yes yes AND yes! I have lots of room for you :)