Monday, May 22, 2006

Malawi 101

I understand the great patience that is must take for people to try to figure me out. I mean, Japan, Geneva, Washington DC, a brief trip to Kenya/Ghana, no job, then contract job, then no job again, and don't forget the Handsome Man Friend.

As one of my professor's likes to say "If you're not confused, then you're not paying attention."


So, I've decided to post a bit here (check the link!) to help those who have so lovingly put up with me and are trying to understand this latest drama. Thank you!

Malawi is a small country in southern Africa. It's extremely poor; 65% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. I am moving there for three months to work with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and do research on smallholder agriculture. Most of the country (85%) lives in rural areas and are subsistence farmers, raising either corn or tobacco.

It is not a vacation destination, but it suits my crazy life just fine. :)

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nate-nate-bo-bate said...

according to a show I just watched on the travel channel, people get eaten by tigers in Malawi. Give me your address so I can send you some "No-Tiger Spray." Just make sure to coat yourself and the locals from head to toe in it every three hours.

It sounds like quite the adventure. Makes my stable job and homelife seem very pedestrian. I envy you. Seriously. All I've done is spent a weekend feeding hippies at a nature reserve north of San Fransisco, which wasn't very satisfying. They just kept asking for weed and spouting off about how the world would be so much better if we all just thought about loving one another. Apparently, just doing that could cure world hunger...something I didn't know. I had previously assumed that curing world hunger involved actually feeding people and enabling them to feed themselves...boy, do I feel stupid.

But seriously, that sounds very cool, except for the possible tiger part. That's not cool, be careful.