Saturday, May 06, 2006

Garage Sale Let-Down

I'm sitting on my front porch right now staring a piles of junk that I no longer want but want other people to buy.

Is that wrong?

Apparently, they're on to me, because in the four hours I've been running this shingdig, I've only sold $37.75 worth of stuff. From the dollar table.

Which is funny to me because I thought that most of the mid-size electronics (the microwave, the humidifier, the iron, the vacuum cleaner) would have atleast generated interest. There are two brand new Jansport backpacks priced to move at $10 apiece!

The best I got was some Asian guy offering me a dollar for the iron.

And yet, strangely, the lamp without a lampshade, the hannukah candles and a bottle of crusty old "Cactus Juice" sold.


To be fair, I am waiting on a couple who said they'd be back with a substantial amount of money for my old laptop. If that's the case, this whole morning would be worth it. That is, if they come back.

They're coming back, right?


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