Sunday, April 30, 2006

Homework, what homework?

It's been a crazy weekend, complete with full-on homework avoidance. Only two take home tests left - hooray - but my HMF just came back from Argentina and you can bet that I'm not interested in homework just this minute.

However, he's sleeping.

And the only thing on TV is Sheryl Crow. Ug.

Oh internet, how was boredom ever cured without you??

Friday I met up with some old co-workers (turns out we have more in common than hating our old jobs) for MORE bhangra dancing. I had to go this time with the HMF to prove that I could hang with the desi's without him. Why am I attracted to an entire race/subcontinent of people who will have nothing to do with me??


Anyway, we went to the Black Cat Club in my new favorite spot in town, the U Street corridor, to see DJ Rekha in town from NYC. Of course, she was amazing - but she didn't start until midnight and I needed to get going by about one am. I had to be in SouthEast early the next morning to take part in Hands on DC. Some of my other old co-workers and I had signed up before we lost the contract, and I wanted to go.

Volunteering normally helps me come out of myself and feel blessed about my own life - however, DJ Rekha had ruined it for me. I was tired, crabby and NOT in the mood to clean up a dingy old school office. I was exhausted, sniffly and arrive half an hour late. Never mind that half of our team didn't show up (look people, if you say you are going to BE somewhere then BE there. Is that so hard?) and our pizza lunch arrived two hours after it was ordered. But, it was fun to see Mary and Julia and get my final paycheck (score! money without

Then I had to run home and get ready for the barbeque my roommate volunteered our house for. I was so exhausted that I tried to lie down for a bit before our house was swarmed with people. Unfortunately, there was so much preparation work to do (all the other roomies had surprisingly disappeared) that I didn't get much chance to rest. I had to sweep the porch, clean the bathroom, put up signs to go around back instead of tromple through our house, put out garbage cans, fill and light the tiki torches, put up tables and chairs, yada yada yada.

I may sound like my fussy Aunt Meriel here, but I'm a firm believer of "If you throw a party, throw a party RIGHT." I just couldn't help feeling a little taken advantage of as people started showing up and hanging out in our kitchen to cook and never asked me if I needed help. Which is why, when the party began to wind down, I didn't feel at all guilty about not cleaning up much. Besides, Mary and Julia were there and we laughed and talked until midnight.

It was a great party - but it was such a long day that I was totally beat at the end of it. I'll post pictures later (seem to have forgotten where I put my camera...)

In the meantime, I guess I'd better start thinking about homework...



Post Script - here are some photos!

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