Friday, June 05, 2009

Humph. All I get is an Advil.

By nature of my strange job, sometimes I come across some unusual practices from other countries. This includes Zambian labor law, which we reviewed in a meeting on Wednesday, and includes the following:

Chapter 268: Part VII: 54.2:
In addition to the leave prescribed in subsection (1), every female employee shall be entitled to one day’s absence from work each month without having to produce a valid medical certificate.

Gee, (scratches head) once per month? I wonder what THAT’s for?

///Hello, Zambia? I wish I was working for you today.


Rose Connors said...

I want that rule! I pretty much lost my last job because my boss thought that was unreasonable.

AnthroGirl said...

Zambia is light years ahead of us. WTF? Why can't we get a special once-a-month-day-off? There are days when I teach and I wish I could just take off and be like, go edumacate yourself on your own time little sure to use that day when you're there!!!!

Mtanga said...

Yeaaah, not going there any time soon.