Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Receipt Rant

What on earth has happened to the receipts of the world? How did they suddenly multiply and extend themselves to THREE feet ? Is there some sort of hormone in cash registers I dont' know about?

Case in point - every time I go to Cub, I usually buy about $30 worth of stuff. That's about 20-25 things MAX. Yet, when I leave, I have a THREE foot long receipt, a smaller receipt that summarizes my total, the receipt with my signature on it and atleast TWO coupons that they print at the register. That is a handful of crap that I really don't need, and usually ends up at the bottom of my canvas grocery bags.

Last month was Earth day, and as such, Green news abounded in all my magazines. How to live in a green house, have a greener liver, yada yada yada. One of the tips was to press "No receipt" when you pulled money from the cash machine. So this morning, I hit the cash machine before my trip and hit "No receipt."

How surprised was I when a slip of paper popped out! (I had almost driven away, but imagining my bank information being stolen from the person behind me made me stop). I pulled it out, thinking I must of hit the wrong button.

Nope. The slip of paper just said "Thanks for Banking at Bremer!"

I was so pissed -I mean, why even give the OPTION of no receipt if you're still going to print out some lame piece of paper?!?

So yeah, I was so pissed - I threw the damn piece of paper out the window. Maybe the littering outside the bank will get so bad they'll realize what total douches they are. Or maybe not.

Oh, the irony.


~moe~ said...

Holy crap! I can't believe that! I totally agree - What's the point?

And I agree too about the long receipts at the grocery. I always use my credit card and at one grocer in town I'll get not only a long receipt but also an additional receipt telling me that I paid for it with CC. Ugh. And my mom had convinced me a few years ago to keep all my receipts so I could track all my spending. I have shoe boxes full of these now that I have to shred because my tax guy laughed at me when I told him I was keeping them. Joy.

andria said...

That is such crap, such crap. Write a strongly-worded letter! It rarely works, but is very cathartic.
Every damn day I get an email from a credit card urging me to "do the right thing" by going paperless, yet I go to Target of somesuch place and my receipt proper is one foot long, plus the gift receipt, and the little one that they seem to print for no reason.