Sunday, May 11, 2008

Packing Packing Packing

Things to do before leaving for Bosnia on Wednesday night:

1) Stop working. Woo hoo! Wait, you mean I have to wait until Wednesday??

2) Laundry - including bleaching that ketchup stain out of the hem of my white dress pants.

3) Wrest new camera away from UPS

4) Fix wheel on rolly carry on luggage

5) Fit a whole trivial pursuit game into my purse

6) Mourn my totally dead ipod

7) Search the depths of my soul (and bank account) for a new one

8) Make financial (and potentially boring) decision to skip the new 'pod until trip is paid for

9) Find underwear

10) Forgive self for being - and looking - American, no matter how many dark pairs of jeans/tennis shoes I own

11) Notify credit card companies of my whereabouts so they don't freeze my assets

12) Take out some the event I might be able to buy something against the euro...

13) Hope that Emira's book arrives in time

14) Find sunglasses

15) Find swimsuit


17) Find bandaids

18) Pray my 17 hours and three airports will pass quickly and uneventfully

19) Pluck eyebrows in eastern european (thin) fashion

20) Buy eyebrow pencil to cover sickly eyebrows..

21) Meet Roxie, the girls and the husbands at Buca for a farewell mastacholi and martini

22) Hope Megan can still take me to the airport

23) Check in

24) Air kiss America goodbye.....


~moe~ said...

Have a great trip! I can't wait to read all about it when you return.

Sarah said...

wait... you need to find your underwear? Is this a luxury item you only take out for vacations?

Mtanga said...

For the record, that should've read "CLEAN" underwear...but I'd be lying if I didn't count underwear as kind of a luxury...

~moe~ said...

No no no no noo.... see it happened to me too! I didn't mean to say that you were seemed harsh because I hate hearing the truth about things but the truth is what I need to hear. I'm so grateful to you for telling me what you did. You helped! I'm going to go shopping next week for dresses, or at least one, and start the journey. I'm planning to cut my hair into a better haircut for me because this look isn't right on me - and then I can donate my hair to locks of love which is better anyway. I'm going to fix me. And it's because of you that I'm going to take these steps.

Thank you for your words. Seriously...Thank you.

Honestly, I expected someone else to respond with what you said, which was why hearing/reading it from someone who doesn't know me really helped open my eyes.

So again...I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)