Sunday, March 09, 2008

Zombies are Definitely the New Ninja vs. Pirates

This link, here, is good for a laugh. And a Zombie Plan.

At last night's MN Roller Derby (so. much. awesomeness.), we discussed that Cabela's might also be a nice alternative to Super WalMart. There's hunting gear, freeze-dried food and an aquarium stocked with fresh fish (which you can then drink after you've eaten all the fish!). I didn't think about the toilet situation, but there's always the roof.

I also like the plan I read on teh interweb however, because it suggests:

...Make sure you have some girls. Preferably hot chicks, but in the absence of those some tough biker babes would work.

Now here, presumeably is where I can be of service. I have a uterus, which, ostensibly (although I haven't tested it yet) works. And even if it doesn't, by the time I figure that out, it will be too late.

You have no idea how releived I am. This means I can resign from gun-toting nursing school. My place in Cabela's is secured!

It's going to be a good day. I knew these hormones were good for something.

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