Saturday, January 06, 2007

Washington DC Weekend

I'm only homesick for Minnesota when I'm actually there.

This is my first weekend back in DC after spend the holidays at home and I kind of entered it with an 'eh' attitude. TOHMF is out of town until the 19th, my favorite roommate moved to South America, my obnoxious roommate is still irresponsibly broke (and thus, always around), there's no internet at my house, there's no homework to do (wait, this is a good thing), my gym membership has expired and my budget is tight.

Add to all this that I feel kind of personally adrift after finishing grad school and I'm left with:

What to DO?

I think anyone who has graduated from college is familiar with this feeling. I think it must be like what cattle feel like when they bust out of a pasture and end up huddling outside the fence. For one moment you're like "Wheeeeeeee! This is great!" and then you're struck with, "Oh. What do I do NOW?"

I'm not complaining. I used to be terrified of this feeling, but over the years, as I've matured I've learned to deal. I call it 'pre-loneliness' or 'potential loneliness.' I'm not lonely, exactly, I just don't have anyone to hang around with. And, being a pretty social animal, sometimes I really crave that. Sometimes, it's not logistically possible for you to hang out with your close friends or be near family. They've got work or other engagements or you live in another state. Sometimes, you just have to make your own fun.

Luckily, I'm very good at this :)

Not having any plans for this weekend, I called an old classmate on Friday afternoon and we met up for drinks at a local Dupont hotspot that ended up being filled with long legged WASP blondes. Not so good for scoping men or for the self-esteem, but great for margaritas and snide remarks. (Quoth Lane: "All the estrogen in here is giving me a stomachache.")

Today I enjoyed the 70 degrees with a long bikeride, got a surprise phone call out of the blue from a long lost friend, looked at a new apartment, dropped in on another fun friend, called someone else to tell her of a job opportunity and got subsquently invited to a party tonight. Now I'm at a coffee shop, enjoying free internet and caffeine smells until it's time to par-tay.

Not bad for a person who didn't know what she was going to do when she got out of bed this morning!

Tomorrow I'll probably go to church (addendum to previous post: I also go because it sucks up extra spare time), look at another couple of apartments, try the free pass to a local gym I downloaded at work, read, make a huge supper and watch cartoons all night. Maybe I'll try calling Megan again or write a letter.

A side note to this is that the second I decide to grow up, get married and have babies these days will be sweet sweet memories.

Funny how time does that.

Or maybe this is it? Who knows? Perhaps this IS my life and I'd better get used to it. Oh well, that's another blog.

M is for meandering,

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