Monday, January 22, 2007

Random Weekend

After weeks of doing nothing special, I finally had a full weekend. All the better as my irresponsible roommate has decided to turn up the passive agressiveness in the final death throes of her stay. Needless to say, I wasn't home much!

It started by picking up the TOHMF from the airport, after a two month stint in Houston. Hooray!

On Saturday, having scored free tickets from work (let's hear it for being employed!), my friend Angeli and I took in a Washington Capitals hockey game. I'm sorry to say that I was born in raised in Minnesota and HAD NEVER BEEN TO A HOCKEY GAME in my life. This is almost as bad as being American and not liking apple pie. (A predicament I'm also intimately familiar with...)

Luckly, Angeli had been to a few before and could fill in a bit of the gaps. As for the rest, well, we were happy to fill in with hotdogs, french fries and gossip. In the end, the Caps lost to the Florida Panthers 4-1 (not as bad as the week before, when they lost in Florida 9-3!!)

Saturday night, TOHMF and I went downtown to catch a play called This Is How It Goes at the Studio Theatre to celebrate his birthday. Back in Minnesota, he was very active in The Mixed Blood Theatre, so it was reminiscent of our time there together. The play was very thought provoking. It dealt with personal thoughts versus public expressions on race; telling the story of an interracial couple in a small midwestern town. In the end, the audience was forced to question if what was presented was the truth, or twisted by the narrator to serve his own design. As usual, you could count the number of non-white people in the audience on two hands. Not that that's saying anything but...well, the crowd was pretty different from the Caps game that afternoon.

After the play, we went to bar Dakota Cowgirl for our free dessert (as stipulated by the playbill), and TOHMF got a free shot of whiskey. Who says people in the city aren't nice??

Sunday found us resting, reading and running errands. It also brought the first snow fall of the winter season here in DC. I just love when it snows here - people go nuts. It was only three inches - just enough to cover the grass - and it spent most of the day melting.

But hey, here's a nice photo of the National Zoo Panda lounging around in a snow covered rocks.

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