Monday, September 25, 2006

My Ipod Playlist, Lately

I've Been Down-Hearted Baby (Ever Since the Day We Met), Primitive Radio Gods

Dance Me to the End of Love, Madeleine Peyroux (hmm..not so much dancing..)

This Year's Love, David Gray

I'm Missing You, India Arie

And So It Goes, Billy Joel

Power of Two, Indigo Girls

Screaming Infedelities, Dashboard Confessionals

I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You, Colin Hay

Still Holdin' On, Clint Black and Martina McBride

Strength, Courage and Wisdom, India Arie

Torn to Pieces, Kelly Clarkson

Mr. Tambourine Man, Bob Dylan (this song has no special significance, except I like it and it
randomly reminds me of Malawi and an ambulance)

Run, Snow Patrol

She's Always a Woman, Billy Joel

Following My Compass, Hall Kristen

Winding Road, Bonnie Somerville (Garden State Soundtrack)

The One I Love, David Gray

Always on Your Side, Sheryl Crow

World on Fire, Sarah McGlaughlan


emira said...

You need music that's not sad, such as:
La Tortura by Shakira (makes you dance)
Lonley No More by Rob Thomas (self-explanatory)
Running with Scissors by Ben Lee (other people can't understand breakups so people like me can just shut up)
Crazy by Gnarl Barkley (cause it's fun)
Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake (cause it's sexy)
Mr. Brightside by The Killers (cause it's cool)
Come out and Play by The Offspring (cause it's the Offspring)
Milkshake by Kelis (cause it will help you get back on the market)
Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash (cause it's Johnny)
Everything's NOT Lost by Coldplay (because everything is NOT, I repeat NOT lost)

And so many others, I should make you a nice little "pick me up" mix.

Change your itunes mix to something fun ASAP.

Mtanga said...

Emira; You are too funny. I've heard good things about Sexy Back (Kate!) - so I might have to download it.
P.S. You are a great friend :)

nate-nate-bo-bate said...

Sounds like your playlist could use some sprucing up. May I suggest:

M.Ward- Post War: it's haunting and beautiful and hopeful and wonderful all in one

Asobi Seksu- Citrus: it's mostly in Japanese, so I can't understand a damn word of this album, but it's great anyway

Ghostland Observatory- Paparazzi Lightning: Seriously, it's hard to find (on a small label, Trashy Moped, which is cool unto itself) but it's more than worth it. You will NOT be dissapointed. Dancable, hard-hitting beats with a lead singer that sounds like James Brown and Prince's love child.

Regina Spektor- Begin to Hope: Imagine if Bjork, Fiona Apple and Ben Folds all got together and recorded an album. Idiosyncratic, uplifting, and steet-level all at the same time.

Just a few suggestions. I like pushing music on people.

Oh, and find some Sufjan Stevens. His best are "Illinoise" and "The Avalanche."

Mtanga said...

Um, no my playlist does NOT need sprucing up. It's just the way I like it. If you were paying attention you'd note that it marks a significant event in my life. But thanks for the insult anyway.

Sinister Minister said...

May I suggest a couple more singer/songwriters for the mix? Ellis Paul is fantastic. I reccomend "The World Ain't Slowin Down" or "Conversation with A Ghost." Joni Mitchell fits the bill so check out "River" or listen to the Indigo Girls' version on their live 1500 Curfews album.
You are tough and awesome.
You could come visit Kaia and I and we'll show you around our new town.

k8 said...

You might also like to download (along with SexyBack, of course) London Bridge by Fergie. Yes, I have the same taste in music as a 15-year-old girl. So sue me for liking to shake my ass to a song written almost exclusively about panty-dropping!!

nate-nate-bo-bate said...

I wasn't meaning to insuult your playlist. Sorry about that. I should have said that I was suggesting some artists that I thought you'd like. Sorry if it sounded otherwise.