Sunday, February 06, 2011

Some General Observations

Some general observations about being my current age:
  • being comfortable in my own skin
  • being painfully aware of the "should's" - be married/have kids/house/career
  • old enough to get drunk with South African miners...
  • smart enough to leave before things get rowdy
  • young enough to remember child-like joy, only now over a delicious cup of coffee
  • young enough not to have been anywhere when Kennedy was shot
  • old enough to realize the new Kennedy question is where you were on 9/11
  • old enough to remember when the most sophisticated thing on a computer was "Word Munchers" and "Oregon Trail"
  • young enough that my mom expects me to know how HTML
  • old enough to suspect that everything I'm going through is only new to me
  • realizing the universe will more me forward anyway, just like it has everyone else
  • having time only for really superb people
  • forgetting about people who aren't
  • wearing sunscreen
  • eating lucky charms and watching cartoons on Saturday morning
  • while simultaneously rebalancing my retirement portfolio online
  • remembering to check the air pressure in my tires
  • worrying about my parents age
  • being able to dance until dawn but realizing, There Will Be Consequences
  • paying my own way
  • having "my drink"
  • fielding embarassing, inappropriate questions. All the time.
  • really, really, really empathizing with Bridget Jones
  • laughing continously, mercifully and un-, at myself
  • having people wonder what is wrong with me
  • half-heartedly wondering myself
  • wise enough to value time sitting still
  • while still itching to keep moving, growing, learning and conquering

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