Friday, January 23, 2009

Keep Your Arms, Feet and Clothing Inside the Vehicle

Driving to Lahore today, we stopped at a roadside pitstop for refreshments and to stretch our legs.

I've been wearing long scarves wrapped loosely around my neck, but I'm unaccoustomed to having them draped about me and not tied tight against the wind, so they're constantly falling down and getting caught on things. Conversely, I like having it on hand for a) it's warmth and b) to cover my head when needed.

Little did I know it would garner more attention that necessary today.

As we pulled back onto the roadway, the Pakistani motor police happened to pass us by. They cut in front of our car and motioned that we should follow.

Heart beating, we all wondered what on earth they could want from us.

Sitting in the back, I immediately reached over to pull on my seatbelt (yes yes I know). At that point, I realized that I'd inadvertantly slammed a majority portion of my dupatta (about 4 feet long) in the car door!

As I hastily pulled it in, the policeman, who had gotten out of his card, shouted something in Urdu (something that sounded like : Hey! Your crazy American infidel is waving her clothing around for the entire countryside to see! We are all inappropriately aroused!) and started laughing.

Relieved, we dissolved into fits of cackling laughter.

Needless to say, I retired the dupatta for the rest of the trip......

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