Saturday, November 08, 2008

28 Going on 80

My birthday is coming up next week and as such, I will no longer be able to use my current favorite phrase, "I'm 28 going on 80". This phrase is usually my prefix to some revealing some granny-eqsque habit/ideaology I've acquired that may be unusual for someone of my actual generation.

For example, I have an extreme affinity for my crock pot. I love to floss. I made curtains for my bedroom. I cook - alot, in large quantities - for my household of one. I make bars.

If I had a lawn, I'd probably tell people to get off it.

My friend Joyce and I were talking about this last night and decided that we are definitely going on 80. Our conversation topics centered around the following:

Why Work is Stressful
Why Work is Necessary
The Economy
Malpractice lawsuits, driving up insurance
Taxing junk food
Norm vs. Franken
Yelling at people to shut the patio door, we were cold!
The Library
What a Membership at the Historical Society Gets You

And yes, I was home by 10:15, for the weather.

///No granny panties, yet though.

////Ok, maybe one pair.


andria said...

Yeah, man. I constantly yell at and shake my fists at kids who are on the lawn next to my house-- not even my own lawn, and when I go to restaurants, bars, the mall etc and the music is too loud, I get very cranky.
I've also started writing strongly-worded letters expressing my displeasure for various things.

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who just turned that last, lonely corner toward 30; it sucks, but don't let it get you down.

Although, I will admit that I have been noticing the kids on my lawn a lot more than I used to...

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, the kids and their music! Every time the undergrads play their iPods in the lab, I stew because I want to listen to NPR.