Sunday, August 12, 2007

You Know You’ve Become a Local When….

You know at least three different zip codes of surrounding areas, off the top of your head

You no longer require a map to get to the grocery store – and you know all the nicknames for them (ie Soviet Safeway, etc).

In fact, in the face of 4th of July traffic, you find yourself using “back roads” to get across the Mall, 40 minutes before the fireworks (no small feat!)

You see a cockroach on the wall in your local pub and instead of leaving in disgust, you haggle for free drinks from the bartender.

Summer ends and you’re still here.

You know four out of five of the intersections announced on the morning traffic report.

Six lanes of traffic (one-way) no longer requires nerves of steel – you just honk and yell like everyone else.

You know what ‘inner loop’ and ‘outer loop’ refer to!

You’ve finally traded in your license and taken the old plates off your car - and got hit on by a DMV worker named Hakeem in the process.

People who stand on the left REALLY ANNOY you.

50% of the friends you had when you first moved here have left.

It doesn’t even dawn on you that you’re sweating. It’s August – of course you feel like a melty ball of wax!

You know the “El Norte” entrance.

Marion Barry starts to sound a tiny bit less ridiculous.

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