Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tiny Ninjas With a 5K and a New Bike!

Some highlights from the past few days....

First, Tiny Ninja theater showed up on the Millennium stage of the Kennedy Center this week to celebrate Shakespeare in Washington. If you have to wonder what ninjas are doing with Shakespeare, then obviously, you are not a connoisseur of ninjas like I am. I dragged my pals Ann, Angeli and Beth (and one disbeliever from work, Andy) along to watch - you guessed it - tiny plastic ninjas act out Romeo and Juliet. Two words: Hi-larious.

Also, on a side note, I found out that there is a Pirate bar in my new neighborhood (through a friend, not by stumblng around searching for a place to park my peg-leg.) In accordance with my ongoing obsession with the age old question of Pirates vs. Ninjas, I find myself drawn to show up there in a ninja costume, just to see what will happen.

More updates to follow on this front, I'm sure.

Anyway, the bigger news today is that I RAN MY FIRST 5K today! Woot-woot! Those of you who knew me growing up, you know that the closest I have ever come to being a runner is - well, not close at all, actually. I've by and large left it to the professionals. But, I put it down as a New Year's Resolution this year and have been "training" (ha!) since March. I even bought new shoes.

Well, the HMF and I finally decided to pony up the money and chose the Tim Harmon Hep C Memorial Fun run (I mean really, how much more random can you get?) to run this morning in Fairfax, Va. I finished in just under 37 minutes. Not bad for a non-runner! It was a good feeling to cross that line - even though my splits were well over 10 minute miles, I had 1) run the whole thing and 2) lived!

After that, we were in such a fitness groove that we drove around to a few REI's in search of a new bike. For my grad school graduation, the HMF promised to subsidize a large chunk towards the cost of a machine for me. Seeing as I bought my last one in college and have since moved on to longer rides, it has been time to upgrade for sometime now. After much research, discovering my inseem, and much learning on my part about what a "real" bike enthusiast must know about her machine, we ended up buying the Novara Big Buzz.

I am so psyched to go riding now! I got two new jersey's over Christmas and I've been dying to try them out on the roadways here. Finally perhaps my bike will inspire envy instead of pity. And maybe - just maybe after all this - I'll be able to fit into a new swimsuit, too :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Did you get a ninja jersey? 'Cause you should.

Nate said...

You Fool!! Don't go to that Pirate bar in a ninja suit. Pirates and Ninjas are sworn enemies, and they'll tear you limb from limb the moment you walk in the door! You're walking into sure death!

That is, unless you're actually a highly trained ninja, of course. Are you?

Congrats on the 5k! Ten minutes splits are nothing to be ashamed of. You finished. A lot of people don't even start.

Crazy Dog Lady said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of road races! YEAH! You're hooked now! Next we'll get you into a running skirt! Tee hee! NICE JOB!

Megan said...

Hooray for you and the 5K! The important part is doing it - and you did. I'm with KD and Sarah: now you need a racing skirt and ninja jersey to run it again. It'll be awesome!