Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blossoms, Kites and Wet Willies

So this is late, but I've been busy. I just put a deposit down on a beautiful studio apartment that will soon me MINE ALL MINE. Hooray!

But before that, Saturday found the HMF, Ann, Elizabeth and I down at the Mall for the Smithsonian Kite Festival. We were prepared for crowds, and as usual, we weren't let down. At one point, WMATA shut down the Smithsonian stop and were only letting people out (not in). The HMF and I were glad that we drove.

We saw all kinds of different kites: butterflies, fairies, dragons, Hello Kitty, a rainbow hexagon, a b-1 bomber, several 'sharks', a Wright brother's replica, a giant lobster and many space shuttles.
Sadly, we also saw a few kites that didn't quite make it through the day. :(

I was glad that we went - turns out that Sunday was icky and Saturday was pretty much the only time I'll have to see the elusive blossoms - they peak this week! Of course, the entire day was topped off my sitting on the tidal basin with my friends, and Elizabeth surprising me with wet willy that had us howling for a full twenty minutes.

M is for March is Over,



Rose Connors said...

Fantastic news! You'll be so happy to lose the roomies!

Emira said...

new place and a new face. he, he, you look like a sad little puppy in that photo.