Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Following up

Well, that last post is tough to follow, so I haven't written in awhile. However, that doesn't mean that my life has stopped since visting with Bill. In fact, if anything, it's gotten more hectic. Only a few short weeks left!

In the interest of time and because I am in fact, in Chadd's words, "Listy", here's a quick rundown:
  • Trip up north - full of hard travel on bumpy creekbeds-cum-roads into the bush with an angry administrator, lonely PCV and man who can't afford deoderant. Yum.
  • Eating lots and lots of nsima and surprising the locals by liking it. Not having a bowel movement for six days as a result.
  • Having an entire hotel room to yourself for four days.
  • Then the electricy goes out. At 7pm. Twice.
  • Visiting a prison (please dear God never put me in a prision in Africa) for a pit latrine project.
  • Seeing the "Malawisaurus" museum in Karonga. Yes, they had dinosaurs here! It's totally beautiful and you can talk your way around the exorbant 500mk asking price.
  • Driving through rubber plantation and watching them tap trees for the sap.
  • Falling asleep in the backseat of a landcruiser with BBC Africa on the radio and waking up three hours later in your destination, refreshed, with terrible bed head.
  • Arriving back in town to realize that yes, you have created a life here complete with really nice friends.
  • Moving into new - smaller, cozier - digs. Now we have carpet, and a pool.
  • And spiders! (Try showering with one the size of your hand and we'll see how far YOU leap)
  • And bats!
  • Going to a game park with the following: a sassy Zambia, a UNHCR intern obsessed with hippos and a surly Nigerian-American. Having a blast.
  • Eating vegetables that knocked my comatose colon back into action.
  • Eating so many vegetables so that the rest of my body was knocked comatose instead.
  • Taking a game drive with two italians and a lesbian german couple. Seeing: elephants, sable, impala, water buck, hippos, impala, an owl, elephants and more impala.
  • Watching the sunset on the Shire river.
  • Freezing ten feet from an elephant in front of our cottage whilst everyone ones scampers back inside. Only come unglued when he starts to charge. Eek!
  • Morning "game" walk. End up seeing lots of poop. And birds. Snore.
  • Safari boat ride with four Italians. Seeing elephants, owls, eagles, hippos, hippos and more hippos. Alissa is happy.
  • Having my camera batteries die.
  • Buying a great basket made of garbage from a women's project. Will look good with plant.
  • Singing "Ebony and Ivory" all weekend, poorly. Also, lots of cookies and cream jokes.
  • Watching Belinda get her birthday cake from the staff in a beautiful open air bush restaurant under the stars. Then making her dance around the campfire with a bunch of Englishwomen because they "need a chocolate chip!"
  • Paying $110 to laugh my butt off for two days.
  • Back to work.

So you see, I've been surviving. Magnificently.

Miss you all,



emira said...

perhaps that corn mush you were eating was not the reason for the stoppage of your colon. In fact, as I believe, it was the stress of meeting the former US president. I probably couldn't poop for weeks after such an encounter. I wish your camera didn't die and that you could post some "africa" pictures on the blog. anyway, enjoy the last few weeks and eat more vegetables.

k8 said...

I thought Impala was the name of a 1981 avacado green chevy my brother and sister used to cruise around in and that the Shire was a magical place filled with hobbits on the mystical island of Middle Earth.

I really need to get out of the city more often.